• Our Sleek 3 Screened Vans
    Gets advertisers message noticed
  • Oxford Street, London 8:00pm
    Unique consumer engagement with your advert

About Us

Our digital advertising vans cover pre-planned routes across Central London, our sleek bespoke vehicles easily penetrate the busiest areas with the heaviest footfall, delivering advertisers messages to audiences that were traditionally hard to reach.

Each van is equipped with 3 'Ultra-Bright' LED screens ensuring adverts are viewable with crystal clarity from up to 100 Metres! Our unique innovative platform is cost effective and high impact; we can deliver your Business, Brand or Organisations advert at eye-level to thousands of pedestrians and motorists every day!


Digital Out Of Home

3-Media is a new and growing roadside Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising company formed in July 2015. At present we are oriented primarily in the centre of London.

3-Screen Vehicles

Our bespoke 3-Screen Vehicles are capable of delivering high definition images/video and audio in a way that demands attention.

Resuable Platform

With the DOOH advertising industry predicted to grow between now and 2020, we believ that the use of vehicle based road side DOOH advertising should provide advertisers with a sustainable and re-usable platform that is BOTH innovative and effective.

Dedicated Advertising Vehicle

In order to achieve this we use a customized dedicated advertising vehicle (DAV) to showcase advertisers message at planned routes across central London with the heaviest football and longest dwell times.

Areas Covered

Oxford St, Soho, Leicester Square, Charing Cross, Shaftesbury Avenue, Covent Garden and many more densely populated locations within WC1 & WC2.

Real Time Historical GPS

In addition to this real time and historical GPS logs are available in the form of daily/weekly reports along with HD Footage to provide fully accountability for marketing and analysis purposes.

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